Thursday, December 15, 2011

hey girl! u think that u r so gud enough??.do u think that u r so perfect??..haha..big mistakelah..If u r so gud to find other's mistake..u better find your big mistakes first..don't ever think that u r so perfect!..
even u look so beautiful infront of the boys..don't ever be an arrogant girl la..
the beauty doesn't means anything...sometimes the boys wanna u to feeling pretty..
in fact,they just want to critic u la..
don't be so stupid infront of them...
I do not want be angry with you but you are looking for a problem first..
now!..u have get the effect rite??..
better u make a changes in youself la...don't make the same stupid mistake like before..
be yourself la...don't follow others..u have your own opinion la..
just be yourself..
remember that!..

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